Manufacturing operations Sequencer software

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  • Step sequencer with instructions to the operator. 
  • Capture and validate:
    • barcodes.
    • manual measurements.
    • instrument measurements.
  • Integrations with torque systems to validate correct sequence, torque, number of turns, etc.
  • Defect selection menus.
  • Send data to your manufacturing execution system (MES).
  • Records in databases.
  • Automatic sending of emails in case of failures.
  • Carry out audits of the steps carried out.
  • Sequence creations based on your part numbers, recipes or catalogs.
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Application areas
  • Quality inspections.
  • Captures of laboratory measurements.
  • Validations of the first part of the order in the metal-mechanic industry.
  • Validations of the materials of the assembly line.
  • Functional test automation.
  • Validation of supplier materials (incoming inspection).
  • Sequences for failure analysis and maintenance tasks.

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